PixelCheeseCake Ltd™
Josh & Joe play multi-player games
Founder(s) Josh & Joe
President/CEO Josh (Joe as CAO)
Other Employees Holly, Izzy, Scorpain, Beric & Wertman8
Product(s) Game Commentaries
Channel(s) PixelCheeseCake
PixelCheeseCake Ltd, known informally as PixelCheeseCake or sometimes known as Pixel-CC, is a british organisation based in the United Kingdom, set up to produce (let's play) videos on YouTube. Josh and Joe, two gaming enthusiasts founded the little organisation.

Origin of name

The name "PixelCheeseCake" was an expansion of the original name "xgamingcheesecakex".  The name GamingCheeseCake was already taken, so when Josh and Joe noticed this, they made the decision to change the name.

The CheeseCake goes blue for April 2nd 2013.

2nd april

Trying to spread the word of World Autism Awareness Day

PixelCheeseCake posted over Facebook about world Autism Awareness day which both Josh and Holly support.

They tried to raise Awarness through both Facebook and twitter changing both there facebook profile picture and twitter and through this meme on the left


Steam Group:

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